When you walk from the car park with its ‘road sign’ (“Fancy a swim?”) to the quarry gate you can see the colourful second board with its seascape. And from this board you can see the next, and so on. Except for one where you cannot see the next – so from this one there are mammoth fotprints (a ‘mammoth trackway” in geological jargon!) to the next one. These footprints catch the rain – so they provide a drinking ‘bowl’ for dogs, and a place for kids to splash (though neither was the original intention!). Each panel ended with a question which was answered in the next panel (and most panels included a question which was answered on the same panel – but in upside down text in a separate box). Truly interactive!

After the seventh panel there was an oak bench with a timeline for the quarry carved into it. The bench had a view over the quarry and was great for visitors, and school groups.

If you want to download high quality pdf of the panels (and some other stuff) please go to Downloads.