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Here are the pdfs for the boards at Roche Rock and Tresayes Quarry, plus the leaflet for the trail linking them. Roche Rock has been a visitor attraction for at least 400 years …but few people go to Tresayes Quarry which is a geological nature reserve leased to Cornwall Wildlife Trust by Goonvean. Few people find the quarry unaided so I wrote a trail linking the Rock and the quarry – you can see a picture of the front cover on the Roche Rock board. The leaflet is available to pick up in Roche village. Recently Tresayes Quarry has become an EarthCache so more people visit and post comments on its Geocache page.



Roche Rock panel

Roche_Rock & Tresayes trail leaflet

Tresayes panel 1

Tresayes panel 2

The view as you enter the disused quarry – it’s now a wetland with boardwalks:


There are two interactive panels, close to quarry faces cleared of moss so you can see the spectacular 80cm long feldspar crystals. The first panel asks visitors to work out the order of crystallisation – I found visitors could do this – and if they have problems the answers are on the second panel about 10m along the quarry face.

And here’s the dispenser for the leaflet. When it’s empty you see a shark with the words: Please refill me! ..and the phone number of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. In fact the shark is a basking shark, quite often seen around Cornwall in spring and summer – and they only eat plankton! The dispenser also has a map showing the locations of all the other nature reserves of the wildlife trust.