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Bodmin Beacon LNR (Local Nature Reserve) is a green space in the heart of Bodmin, a town in Cornwall, UK. Earthwords won the contract to produce new interpretation for the site. The products were one major panel, four seasonal panels, a leaflet with a trail plus a set of 4 bookmarks:

Here’s the main panel plus the summer panel alongside it (“Summertime – when the living ain’t easy …if you’ve got hungry chicks to feed!”.  ALL the adult birds have caterpillars or insects in their beaks!

Here are all 4 seasonal panels, side by side:

Each seasonal panel is interactive, suggesting visitors identify birds, flowers, trees or fruits, nuts and fungi, and the list starts with simple easy-to-identify ones going on to ones which people might need a book or an app or Google to help identify. The main panel and the appropriate seasonal panel are set in a block of Bodmin Moor granite from De Lank Quarry, with an arrow showing the direction of the trail. Each seasonal panel also has a link to one of the four benches designed by the Thrussells (whom it was a great pleasure to work with).

You can download high quality pdf from Downloads. You can use these freely for educationa/research purposes (but please credit John Macadam/Earthwords); if you wish to publish the images please contact me to sort out copyright issues.