Welcome to Earthwords!

Earthwords – words about the Earth! Earthwords for innovative interpretation!

I’m John Macadam and I am a geologist and interpreter (originally trained in 1999 by the US National Parks Service, on a Royal Society Millennium Award). While I sort out the problems with this website you can still download some of the material I have produced for the public: it’s on the University of Exeter server (I used to lecture there – and am now a ‘Visiting Scholar’): https://people.exeter.ac.uk/jdmacada/

More academic stuff can be found on Researchgate and Academia.eu (though I have not written much academic material) – you can request a chapter I wrote in 2018 on geoheritage interpretation (it’s in Reynard & Brilha’s Geoheritage). If you want to watch a 32 minute video about geoheritage interpretation I gave a keynote at the Norwegian Geological Survey’s Annual Seminar in 2015 it’s on their YouTube channel. None of my subsequent (or previous) talks have been recorded…and I had a few problems with the technology in Norway: Geoheritage: what do we want to tell them?

Apologies for the continuing problems – I hope my website will be back up – like it was before!…that’s before repeated software conflicts crashed it – with lots of stuff to look at and download. And you’ll not need to look at a long index of files with strange names! “BEQ…..” = Brown End Quarry in Staffordshire; “booklet” = 24 page booklet, in several languages, for Bodmin Moor, “RocheRock” and “Tresayes” are linked by a trail…..

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