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Welcome to Earthwords

for innovative interpretation

Earthwords is owned by John Macadam who works with artists, photographers, sculptors, stonemasons, translators and designers to produce interpretation that is unique to your site and your situation. Naturally all the content is checked with experts.

John Macadam also runs workshops on interpretation and gives keynotes. If you would like to watch a 30 minute keynote for the Norwegian Geological Survey’s annual seminar in 2015 it’s here (apologies for the technical problems!). Workshops have been run for the Norwegian Geological Survey, UNESCO Global Geopark Idrija in Slovenia, for the University of Minho MSc course in Geoheritage, for the Geoheritage module for the University of Turin’s MSc, for the International Association of Engineering Geology 50th conference in Turin in 2014, for the University of London MSc on Protected Area Management, for Scottish Natural Heritage and for others. Participants on these courses have come from a wide range of countries, from across Europe, from South America and Indonesia. He has also spoken at a conference on geotourism in Morocco. He is working with colleagues from the Universities of Turin and Bucharest, and Ibn Zohr University in Agadir.


Coming soon:  more Earthwords interpretation to download. Also visit Earthwords on Facebook here.

John Macadam’s LinkedIn profile is here.